How to Choose a Muay Thai Gym on the Gold Coast

How to Choose a Muay Thai Gym on the Gold Coast

Muay Thai is becoming increasingly popular as a means of gaining self-confidence and a sense of achievement.

More than just a martial art system, Muay Thai encompasses a comprehensive philosophy for life.

This can help both adults and children alike develop physically, mentally and spiritually.

We at Fighter’s Haven provide training in Jiu Jitsu & Muay Thai Gold Coast.

Muay Thai Gold Coast

Fitness training is central to our regimen for teaching Muay Thai.

The precise body control used in the discipline calls for strength and suppleness.

We teach detailed fitness routines to help prevent strains and injuries during training.

Both children and adults can benefit from Muay Thai.

While children are often more supple than adults, they are also not as physically strong.

We tailor our training to take age and size into careful consideration.

We make sure our competitors are evenly matched. Head contact is not permitted for children learning Muay Thai.

We teach the system that is used to help children develop confidence in their physical abilities.

Muay Thai Timetable

At Fighter’s Haven, we offer lessons in Muay Thai, which Gold Coast residents can access at any time of day.

We begin at 5am each day, offering a range of classes through to 6.30pm.

Our team designed this schedule to fit in with busy work and school routines.

We teach Muay Thai in our Battle Ready and Stronger Kids classes. Battle Ready is for adults and is designed specifically as a mixed class.

This runs between 6am for 50 minutes.

Stronger Kids is for children aged between 4 and 10 years and takes place after the school day, from 3.30pm for 45 minutes.

Find Out More

Fighter’s Haven offers Muay Thai classes on the Gold Coast so contact us on 0426 997 971 or visit our website.

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