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Jiu Jitsu Gold Coast

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is rapidly growing in popularity and at Fighters Haven in Burleigh Heads, we are run classes for all ages and athletic abilities. Whether you’ve previously trained in martial arts or are beginner, you’ll be welcomed and made to feel like part of the Fighter’s Haven family.

Learn to get fit or take your skills to competition level. Our experienced instructors have the necessary skills to take you all the way to competing at national champs. Our high-energy classes will test your stamina and strength, while building your confidence and teaching you self-defence moves.

5–10 years

We run Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes for kids aged between 5–10. In addition to having fun and keeping fit, your child will learn discipline and develop problem solving and concentration skills in a safe and supportive environment. Whether it’s for fun or your children are interested in training for junior competitions, we’re happy to foster their skills and love of martial arts.

10–14 years

Has your child developed the basic Brazilian Jiu JItsu skills, but isn’t ready for competition?

They may enjoy joining our classes developed for more advanced children.

Adult Jiu Jitsu

We offer a range of classes for adults including the basics, advanced, open mat and women only.

The basic class is for beginners to intermediate students. It mainly concentrates on fundamental skills. You trainer will let you know when you’re ready to advance to the next level.

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Our modern Gold Coast training facility is conveniently located at 5/30 Freemantle St in Burleigh Heads.


Founder and Head Coach, Arslan Magomedov 4 times World Champion and highly credible in the world of combat sports. From a young age, Mr Magomedov was a fan of Kickboxing and Muay Thai, which lead to his career of being a World Class Champion. Witness his true passion for sharing his knowledge and skills to new and experienced trainees.

Health & Fitness Benefits

  • Weight loss
  • Flexibility
  • Increased functional strength & mobility
  • Mental strength
  • Stress relief
  • Focus
  • Make new friends
  • Improves coordination & balance


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