Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on the Gold Coast

Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on the Gold Coast

Whether it is for your children or for yourself, Jiu Jitsu is an amazing way to keep fit, learn discipline and focus and have fun. Fighters Haven, located here in Burleigh Heads, is the perfect place to learn and practice Jiu Jitsu on the Gold Coast.

Our state of the art facilities coupled with our expert second-degree Black belt coach’s passion and expertise will have you hooked from your first session.

Skills for All Ages

For our younger trainees, we have a class specifically for the 5 – 10 years old age group.

At this age Jiu Jitsu is a fun and exciting way for kids to exercise and learn core values such as problem solving, discipline and concentration.

We make sure that all our training is done in an environment that is safe for your children and we support them every step of the way. If they choose to progress into competitions, we are more than happy to help and encourage their development.

Advanced Lessons For Children

If your child is between 10 and 14 and has already learnt some of the basics involved in this martial art, then we can help them to continue to grow in one of our more advanced classes for children.

If they are new to the format, then just like younger children we can help them to learn and practise Jiu Jitsu on the Gold Coast.

For our adult students we can start with the basics or a more advanced class if you are at that level. Jiu Jitsu has many health and social benefits.

You will develop new friends in the class as well as being aided in flexibility, weight loss, mental strength and stress relief among others in this fantastic sport.

Become Part of The Fighters Haven Family

Our expert instructors and support staff here at Fighters Haven, are ready to help you take your first steps in Jiu Jitsu on the Gold Coast.

To sign up for your first class or to ask any questions contact us or call 0426997971.

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