Practice Muay Thai Gold Coast

Practice Muay Thai Gold Coast

Whether you are a seasoned fighter or are taking the first steps for yourself or your children, Fighters Haven is the perfect choice to practice Muay Thai on the Gold Coast.

With classes run by the founder and head coach of the gym, Arslan Magomedov, who is a 4-time Muay Thai World Champion, you will have experience and support from a man who knows the sport inside and out.

What is Muay Thai?

Now one of the biggest martial arts in the world, Muay Thai is a combat sport that also offers a fantastic form of self defense, with the added benefit of giving you a full body workout.

It can be practised by all ages with our classes ranging from 4 years old up to our M16 category for enthusiasts and fighters. Our state of the art facility is perfect for practicing Muay Thai on the Gold Coast.

We offer a supportive and welcoming approach to all who train with us and want to welcome you as one of the Fighters Haven Family.

Muay Thai Classes

Our classes start for children as young as four and the lessons are tailored specifically to suit the individual needs of your child.

Muay Thai is also a great release for children who may be restless or lack focus.

They get to learn something fun and exciting, enabling them to put the concentration and discipline skills learnt into every day life.

Our Battle Ready class is the class that is aimed at all fitness levels and all capabilities.

This fun and inclusive class will help you to grow, learn and keep fit while training.

Our M16 class is for those accomplished in Muay Thai who may want to fight competitively or whose aim is to be world champion like Arslan. No goal is too high.

Come and Join In

Why not come down to our state of the art facility so you can start practicing Muay Thai on the Gold Coast.

Please contact us with any questions on 0426997971.

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