Fighting To Make The Weight

Fighting To Make The Weight

Tyrell Fortune’s Near-Death Weight Cut

Tyrell Fortune, is gone for all money. They tried to resuscitate the MMA heavyweight no less than 4 times…

In his college years as a wrestler, Tyrell just climbed into the ring ready for action. His weight wasn’t a consideration. But things changed the day he left college.

Leading up to his first bout after college, Tyrell had 5 days to cut 26 pounds—close to 12 kilos.

With boxing fitness Gold Coast trainers would be well aware of the requirement to come in under the specified weight. We’ve all seen images of boxers and jockeys at the weigh-in, having battled deadlines to meet the weight.

Others who are eaten up by weight worries in order to compete at elite levels include cyclists, gymnasts, rowers, runners, and ballet dancers. Even Hollywood actors have gone to extreme measures to shed weight.

Extreme Measures

When it comes to Gold Coast boxing fitness, you’ll certainly enjoy more responsible care at Fighter’s Haven. But here are some inconvenient truths that face athletes who would go to any length to balance the scales in their favour.

Voluntary Dehydration

This could involve wearing heavy clothing—even rubber suits—while exercising, in order to induce excessive sweating. Or following a diuretic diet (known as Passive Dehydration), restricting certain foods, to promote fluid loss. Stimulated Dehydration achieves its results through diuretic medication.

Another extreme measure is Intravenous Removal of Blood. After the athlete makes weight, the blood is pumped back in.

Less ghoulish, Calorific Restriction simply means moving to a very low calorie diet (VLCD). But be warned, this has a downside.

Disordered Eating is more a longer term pattern than a crazy race against the clock to lose weight. Compulsive exercise works like an addiction and is one example. Other presentations of disordered eating include Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia.

Diet Hard – The Downside

The often fatal culmination of anorexia and bulimia is well-documented. Dieting hard, as detailed above, runs counter to good health.

Putting yourself on a very low calorie diet (VLCD) can damage your heart muscle. Your body’s ability to form bone will also be negatively impacted, leading to possible stress fractures and osteoporosis.

Infections and chronic disease complications can also result. VLCDs can significantly impair the immune system at a cellular level.

Voluntary Dehydration reduces aerobic performance. You will have less power. Your strength and endurance will be diminished.

But What of Tyrell Fortune?

Tyrell had just run a mile and is feeling unwell. He feels something is seriously wrong. But it’s one hour out from the all-important weigh-in and his coach reminds him he still needs to shed a further pound.

Tyrell runs another lap. Now he’s even more convinced something is wrong. He heads to the water fountain.

At this point, Tyrell has a seizure. His body shakes uncontrollably, he is foaming at the mouth and he loses consciousness.

“When I woke up, I was in an ambulance,” says Tyrell. The paramedic is saying, “Every time you go to sleep, you’re dying. You need to stay awake.”

Tyrell passes out again. At the hospital, the heavyweight is pronounced dead. Four attempts to resuscitate him fail.

“Then I woke up screaming because the sheet was over my head and I was strapped down…”

“This lady comes and takes it all off of me and she tells me ‘You’re dead. We tried resuscitating you and nothing worked.’ ”

His frightening brush with death now behind him, Fortune has since recorded 8 wins in an unbeaten streak in the heavyweight division at Bellator MMA.

You can begin training the right way at Fighter’s Haven. Get in touch today to learn more.

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