Where Did Muay Thai Come From?

Where Did Muay Thai Come From?

Here at Fighters Haven, we provide a Muay Thai gym in Burleigh Heads that will give you the complete workout of both body and mind.

But where did this amazing and energetic martial art come from? Since the gym was opened, we have provided Muay Thai classes for the community with the skill and training of our world class and professional instructors who know all there is to know about the history and the methods that are needed in this discipline.

The Art Of 8 Limbs

Muay Thai was first practised in the mid eighteenth century when a Thai warrior was captured and told he could fight his captors in order to gain his freedom, as he was known as an expert hand to hand fighter. He managed to achieve his release by knocking out 10 different fighters consecutively and returned to his homeland a hero.

His fighting style was then practised and was known as Siamese-Style boxing before being known as Muay Thai as we know it today.

The training was widespread and practised to use in wars by the Thai army, but it was also turned into a spectator sport where people would watch a contest for entertainment purposes. The sport has eight areas where contact can be made with their opponents, elbows, kicks, punches and knee strikes make up the eight limbs, all of which you will learn here at our Muay Thai gym in Burleigh Heads.

The Modern Muay Thai

The discipline has evolved hugely over the last century and during the 1920’s, Muay Thai started to change forever. Instead of using open courtyards to fight in, rings like those used for boxing were brought in to the sport. Then after the end of the Second World War, gloves, five timed rounds and referees were introduced with major stadia constructed in cities around Thailand of which Lumpini Stadium in Bangkok is regarded by Muay Thai fighters as the holy grail of this martial art.

More absolute rules, weight classes and championships were introduced over the following years to give the hierarchy one that is similar in organisation to boxing. Fighters in Thailand train for up to 8 hours every day and undertake a fight at least once a month although the pay for the Thai fighters is minimal, they compete because of their love of the sport and the benefits that it brings.

In recent years it was introduced to the Olympic Games by the IOC which has helped Muay Thai achieve recognition throughout the world and has seen huge numbers of people, just like those in our gym, begin to practise it. Most do not fight competitively, they enjoy the fully body workout and stress relief it can bring as well as the ability to meet new people who help and support you with your training.

Discover Muay Thai

To see what benefits it can bring to your life, visit our Muay Thai Gym in Burleigh Heads and try a session with our experienced and professional instructors here at Fighters Haven.

To find out more, contact us by calling 0426997971.

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